First Post!

I’m new to this blogging game. I’m a writer, but I write mom porn and romance novels. I was just telling my friends that I had no idea what I would write about on here. I’m a wife, a mom, I work, I do some yoga, I have a pet recusing addiction and honestly? I like to watch tv. As we speak I’m just sitting on my couch with my toddler constantly asking if she can press a button on my computer. The button she wants to press? The delete button. My life isn’t all that interesting on a daily basis. Then my friends reminded me I could write about them! I can share the things we’ve done, our experiences. The little things that inspire my writing.

Take Play Nice, the first book in The Devil’s Share series. That novel is full of my friends. The Fireball whiskey, that’s all Malia, she gets me in trouble with Fireball. The Jager (I can not for the life of me get those two little dots to appear over the ‘a’ on my laptop) it really does make me gag the second I smell it. My friends and I stood in a circle in the middle of July and passed around an ice cold Jager bottle and took pulls until it was gone. Then went on an insanely long float down the river. I felt like crap for days. Power pitcher is a real game (that Andrea and I invented) and played on the floor in Kelly’s garage. My friends Meg and Ang, they love music, they know every word to every rock song ever sang. And I have actually spent time in Starkville, Mississippi.

That’s one of my favorite things about writing. I get to immortalize the people and experiences I love in my books. I leave a little piece of myself in every novel I write. Sometimes its a sweet reminder and sometimes its an exorcism. Either way I always feel better at the end.


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