50 Shades of…whatever

50 Shades of Grey…Where do I even start?

I went and saw 50 Shades of Grey on Valentine’s Day at 11:00 in the morning, by myself. It was the first movie I’d ever gone to see alone, (side note going to the movies alone was amazing!  I highly recommend it if you’ve never tried it) my husband was going to meet me but he couldn’t get away from work. And honestly, I’m glad it was just me sitting there with my diet cherry coke. That movie was sexual. My husband would’ve had a hard time sitting still and keeping his hands to himself. I don’t care if you think the whole BDSM thing is appalling, there were parts of that movie that were down right hot. When he grabbed her in the elevator? Steamy. My personal opinion? I enjoyed the movie way more than I enjoyed reading the books. Granted I read them when I was massively pregnant and cranky, not feeling attractive or horny in the least. But still, Anastasia annoyed the living daylights out of me in the books. She was whiny and insecure, two things I loath in a female lead. In the movie, I found her funny, more endearing. Christian? In the book I liked him. I mean who doesn’t love a tortured gorgeous soul? In the movie I felt like they played it safe with what they showed of his personality.  His character is hard and flawed and massively dark in the beginning of the books. I fear that the audience, the people who haven’t read the series, won’t be able to perceive the massive change Anastasia makes in his life. That is if they ever make the next two movies…

Now I’ve read all the jokes, all the articles, all the blogs. People’s opinions on the movies and the books are so wide spread…but just like the title tells us, there are many shades of grey in this world. If Christian was ugly and poor, there’s no way she’d even consider letting him tie her up. Who wants to read to read a romance novel (or watch a romance movie for that matter)about an ugly dude? Her writing was horrible. Writing is hard. And whether you like it or not, she sold books.  It was just over sold Twilight fan fiction. More power to her. If she can take fan fiction and become a millionaire off it. I didn’t love the books, but I still applaud E.L. James for her success. It was a movie about domestic abuse. Correct me if I’m wrong but last time I checked, domestic abuse was not consensual. I thought the movie was hot, but I still don’t want my husband to flog me before we go to bed.

I love a good tortured bad boy reformed love story. One of my favorites of all time is Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward. The male character in that book is so hard and broken, you can’t help but love him. You can’t help but melt the first time he is sweet and gentle instead of rough and demanding. (Although let’s be honest rough is hot too) Like I’ve mentioned before I read to escape, I watch movies to escape. I don’t want to read about a boring housewife who has sex with her husband every three days. That’s not fantasy, that’s reality. I didn’t put 50 Shades on my Kindle to learn something profound. And I’m almost positive that E.L. James didn’t set out to write the next great American novel. So how about we all quit being so damn judgy. You aren’t into it? Perfect, don’t read it. The whole concept makes you sick? Okay, don’t go see the movies. Not every work of fiction appeals to every person on the planet. At the end of the day, that woman wrote three books. Three books that sold MILLIONS of copies. Three books that are getting made into movies. That’s a hell of an accomplishment. Unless you’re Nicholas Sparks, then it’s just a normal day at the office.


One thought on “50 Shades of…whatever

  1. Well said. I did love Anastasia way more in the movie. They casted it so well! I enjoyed the books because I was so out of adult life I needed something that was ONLY for adult eyes and minds… Not something too difficult to wrap my head around, but entertaining and easy to digest. Liked t very much and I really really really hope they make the other movies!! Guess I’ll have to try another tortured lover book. Good suggestion!


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