Permission granted…

I read this lovely quote this morning while I was sitting in the parking lot of CVS. I have an eye infection. Not a gross one like pink eye, like a dangerous one that is really pissing me off. Anyway, I love this quote and I think it’s PERFRCT for Mother’s Day weekend. 

We’re moms, we strive for perfection. Clean house, clean well dressed well adjusted kids, blissfully happy husband…And most days, we rock it. We are on point and the 50 balls we have in the air are flying perfectly. We’re doing laundry the same time we’re doing bath time. We’re playing Barbies while we’re making pot roast. We’re keeping our husbands happy during the kids 30 minutes of iPad time. 

But you know what? Sometimes, I just don’t wanna. There are days when the thought of doing the dishes, again, makes me want to shatter all our plates on the patio. And then not clean it up right away. Or maybe I’ve done 10 loads of laundry, but putting it all away? Nope. Not today sir. There are days when my patience runs out, and I yell when my daughter pours her milk all over the floor because she thought the dogs were thirsty. And there are for sure days that if my husband comes within 3 feet of me, I throw out a stiff arm like I’m playing offense for the Cowboys. 

The worst part? We’re made to feel guilty about it. And 99% of the time, we do it to ourselves. My husband doesn’t care if the laundry gets hung up. My daughter isnt going to be emotionally scared because she isn’t allowed to spill her milk on purpose. We need to give ourselves permission to have bad days, to have hard days. Days when everything on your list doesn’t get done. Days when you take a nap or catch up on your DVR instead of mopping the floors. If we don’t? Well, I know if I don’t…I’d lose my ever loving mind. And what good does that do my family? Happy mom, happy everything. 


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