Look at my BOOK


Here is how things have been going on the writer side of my life! My wonderful cover reveal for Play Nice was done on Friday. Thanks for all the good comments and likes, I felt kind of important for about a day. Then I picked my daughter up from daycare and she informed me I was no longer her best friend. Talk about an ego blow. 

A couple of weeks ago I did my developmental edit on Play Nice. For those of you that aren’t in the know, the developmental edit is like a content edit. Add here, develop this scene more, make the sex better…or in the words of my lovely editor “Give Dash some credit”. There were perfect little notes in the margins of the document I was editing off of from my editor. There was one section where she told me I was funny. That made my day. I think I’m funny, but to hear that someone else  gets your sense of humor? That’s a good feeling. 

I got a release date of July 2nd, which is super exciting. I can’t wait to just see how it goes. See if people like it. Or hate it. Either way, just to get it out there. I’m ready. My job now? Self promotion. And in the name of self promotion, I got a Twitter account. I have no idea how to use it, but I’m learning. Real Ale Brewing Company “favored”? or “favorited”? one of my tweets. That’s cool, right? I’ve also been doing these author interviews with different bloggers that’ll be posted on my release day. I gotta tell y’all, I really LOVE answering questions about myself. Like I wish it was my full time job. 

As I write this my daughter is sitting next to me repeatedly asking me to put her in a beautiful dress and beautiful shoes. She likes to dance, but only when she looks the part. So…I gotta go. Follow me on Twitter @LPMaxa 😘


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