My life. Today.


Last night I stayed up until 2 am reading the third book in my amazingly multitalented friend, Sasha Marshall’s, Guitar Face series.  Walking Back to Georgia was EPIC. I couldn’t put it down. I have come to love those characters so hard. Like right now, I miss them. I sure as hell want to know what Kip and Henley are doing. I want the world to read this series! You will not be disappointed. Every book is equally great!!! 

Needless to say I was a little sleepy this morning. My daughter woke up at 6:30 and demanded I put on Peppa Pig. Then when we were getting dressed for school she threw a 15 minute fit because I put her in a dress that wasn’t “big” so she couldn’t “spin” in it. How dare I? On my way back home from taking her to school I saw a snapping turtle in the middle of the road. It looked prehistoric. It was between this size:

And this size:

   I backed up to look at it again. Then this white Mercedes honked at me. Told you I was sleepy. I pulled into my driveway and my husband was still here. Now, normally I would be happy to spend some time alone with the man. But not today. I had shit to do. And by shit I mean; clean the house, go to the bank, make a blog post, write a book, update my Goodreads profile, laundry, my actual job that pays the bills, and last but not least…..THE ULTIMATE SELFIE!!! 


I took a pretty good selfie as my current author pic. But I wrote a series about bad ass tattooed sexy as hell rock stars. I don’t want people finishing my book and then seeing a chick that looks like she writes children’s books. I want them to see a chick that looks likes she’s partied with rock stars. I inform my husband that he needs to leave so I can do this. He immediately starts cracking up. I just nod, “Case in point.” I’m not JR Ward here people, I don’t make enough money doing this (YET) to have my picture professionally taken. I put on makeup, actually fix my hair for once, and set the timer on my iPhone.

I also need people to visit my website and sign up for free Advanced Readers Copies of Play Nice. These are free books people!! Well free except for the review you need to leave afterwards. Oh! And at some point this week I’m going to have to write an apology letter to all the fathers in my life for my blunt sexually honest blogger interviews that are about to hit the Internet…can’t write about the stuff I do if you haven’t experienced at least some of it 😁 (I used to know how to party) So here I sit, checking two things off my list for today. I’ve written a blog post and I have laundry started. 

Thanks for reading y’all!! Have a great day. Get shit done. Oh, and don’t make too much fun of my selfie when you see it. 



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