Visual aids and sneak peeks 

Alright y’all, release day is tomorrow! I am so excited and ready for the world to meet The Devil’s Share. Since I know everyone is going to run out and get Play Nice first thing tomorrow morning…I wanted to give you a little gift to say thanks. If you visit my website you can see my character bios for The Devil’s Share, but I wanted to give you easy access today. Oh! And also, I posted chapter one of Play Nice at the end of this blog!!!!

Dash Conner, lead singer of The Devil’s Share. The sex god himself. 

 Luke Matthews, drummer and soulful heart throb.

 Smith James, bassist. New Orleans born and raised.   

Jacks Cole, lead guitar. Comic relief and tight tshirt aficionado. 

These are the visual aids I used writing this series. And now, for your special chapter one sneak peek!!


Chapter One


 “Isn’t this so great!?”

I leaned closer to my best friend Amy, “What? I can’t hear you!?”
“It’s not that loud, I swear Lex you are aging prematurely.”
I just shrugged and wrinkled my nose. If either of us was aging prematurely it was Amy. We were both only twenty seven and I was almost positive that this was the first time she’d been out past 10 in a couple of years. “It’s just so loud. And people keep popping my personal space bubble.” I had been to my fair share of concerts before, but I had never been back stage at a venue like this one. This was a whole new experience for me. There were people everywhere; guys pushing around crates and carrying equipment, men in business suits talking on cell phones, people with press badges and cameras, girls wearing next to nothing and looking pretty happy about it. It was like a circus.
Amy shook her head, “Well I couldn’t be happier. I mean my baby brother is a rock star! All his dreams are literally coming true as we speak.”
Amy and I have been best friends since our freshman year of college, almost 10 years now. Her little brother Luke just joined one of the hottest bands in the nation, The Devil’s Share. These guys were rockers through and through. They’d been nominated for several Grammys over the years. But, if you listen to the press tell it, the band usually snubbed their noms. They played for the fans, the love of the music. They rarely did any press or interviews. That was part of their allure I’m sure. Mysterious rock stars? Who could resist?
Lukey (that’s what we call him) was a drummer, an amazing drummer. The band fired their original drummer Jared (rumors claim he couldn’t kick the Heroin) and held open auditions for his replacement in almost every major city in Texas. They picked Luke, out of thousands of hopefuls. Amy was a rock groupie even before Luke had gotten the gig of a life time touring with The Devil’s Share. Amy and Luke’s dad had been a pretty well-known musician back in the day, they grew up around music, concerts and the rock life style.
“Oh. My. God!!! Look at my baby brother. I have never felt more proud of anything or anyone in my entire life!”
Amy dragged me over to the side of the stage where we could watch Luke play. I looked past the guys towards the sea of screaming fans. I couldn’t help but tear up a little. Luke was one of the sweetest most compassionate guys I’d ever known and one of my dearest friends. If anyone deserved this, it was him. I let my eyes drift back to the stage. “Amy, he looks perfect out there.” I’d seen Luke play a million times, but this was different. Luke’s shaggy blonde hair moved with every beat of his drums. He was smiling like a 5 year old on Christmas morning. This was his 10th stop on his first tour with the band, and you could tell he was loving every minute of it. I knew of The Devil’s Share, I heard their songs on the radio. I liked them. Who wouldn’t? Their music was solid, and they were all fucking gorgeous. And sexy. Plus, they were playing in Austin where I lived. It gave Amy a chance to come visit and us a chance to see Luke close to home. The first song ended and the lead singer, Dash, looked over in our direction. He had dark messy hair that had that perpetual I-just-ran-my-fingers-through-it look. His tight black pants left little to the imagination, his loose black t-shirt showed off his muscular arms which were covered in tattoos. My eyes raked over his body, I wanted to sit down and spend an hour memorizing the art work. Our eyes met and my stomach dropped to my feet. His gaze set my insides on fire, I couldn’t look away. My heart started to race and my girly parts clenched. He winked and then started his next song, completely unfazed by me. How stereo typical could I flippin’ be? One look from a hot rock star and my world tilts? Absolutely not. I will not be that girl. Amy and I were supposed to party with Luke tonight, which meant I’d most likely be partying with Dash as well. I won’t embarrass myself or Luke. I. Will. Not. I refused to look at him while he sang the next song, it was the principle of it.
Amy elbowed me in the ribs, “Uh, Lex? Dash is staring at you.”
In order to keep myself from ogling him, I’d taken up counting the number of topless women in the crowd. FYI, I got to 20 without even having to search that hard. I looked back in Dash’s direction, yep, he was staring. I smiled, I couldn’t help it. He smiled back. His smile was one of those panty dropping megawatt smiles. The kind that make you feel like you are the only person in the world that could illicit that particular smile, even though you know logically many a girl have been lured in with it.
Dash kept his eyes on mine, but spoke into his microphone. “Uh, guys? There is a sexy brunette standing over here to my right. Does she belong to one of y’all? Please tell me she doesn’t.” He winked at me again. Amy had a death grip on my arm.
Luke stood up and peered over his drums trying to see into the shadows to where we were standing, “Is she standing next to a blonde chick with big blues eyes that’s drooling even though she’s clearly wearing a wedding ring?” The crowd laughed and so did Amy.
Dash chuckled, “As a matter of fact, yes she is.”
Luke nodded and sat back down, “That’s my friend Lexi.”
Dash’s smile grew, “Well isn’t that just the best thing I’ve heard all night. So Lexi…are you enjoying the show?”
I couldn’t help but laugh at this situation. A rock god was flirting with me over the sound system in a sold out stadium. I nodded my head yes.
“Good. Can I get you anything? This is officially our first date by the way.”
I bit down on my lip, contemplating how to play this. I could laugh him off and say no…or…I could have the time of my life with a rock star. I tipped my hand back towards my mouth, indicating I wanted a drink.
“Could someone please get my girl a drink?” Dash turned back towards the crowd, “Sorry about that folks but I’ve been staring at her since the show started.” He led into the next song, the crowd sang every word right along with him.
Some guy walked over and handed each of us a beer. “Holy shit Lex. You have to do him. You have to. On behalf of every married woman out there, you have to sleep with Dash Conner.”
“On behalf of every married woman Ams? Or on behalf of you?” I took a long pull of my beer. Amy married her college sweetheart and even though she was in fact drooling, they were deliriously happy together.
“Come on Lexi. One night with a sexy rock god. Who turns that down?”
“I do. I’m too old for one night stands, rock god or not.”
“Will you at least make out with him?”
“Oh yeah, for sure. I’m responsible, not stupid.” We both laughed and turned our attention back to the show. It was easy to get swept up in the music, they were mesmerizing. After a couple more songs Dash looked back over at me. “How you doing, Kitten? Need another drink?”
I held my bottle upside down, frowning, showing him it was empty and nodded.
Dash smiled, “Someone will bring you a new drink. Show’s almost over, sweetheart.” He looked away. I suddenly felt lonely without his eyes on me.
Amy jumped up and down next to me. “Holy ball sack! You are going to mess around with the hottest man on the planet. I will live vicariously through you.”
I downed half my new beer in a couple swallows. “Amy calm down. I’m sure once he realizes that I’m not going to just jump in his bed, he’ll go find someone else to play with. We came here to hang with Lukey. That’s what I want to do.”
A couple of songs later the show ended. The band thanked their fans and came jogging off the stage right towards us. Luke reached us first, he pulled Amy and I both in for a hug. “I’m so hyped you two are here! Are y’all ready to party with some rock stars?” Luke laughed with his arms slung around our shoulders. “Let me introduce you to the band.” He used the hand around Amy to point at their bassist, dirty blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, perfect olive skin, and a smile that looked out of place to me. “This is Smith James, he’s from New Orleans, his accent makes panties melt so be careful.” Next he motioned to a tall dark haired sex on a stick wearing an almost inappropriately tight t-shirt, and a wide cocky grin. “Jacks Cole, don’t let his shirts fool you, he isn’t gay.” And last, all eyes fell on Dash, rock god extraordinaire. “Dash Conner, lead singer and the man hitting on Lexi in front of a sold out stadium crowd.”
Dash took my hand and tried to pull me away from Luke. Luke held on tight, Dash pulled harder. I was like the rope in a game of tug-o-war. I looked up at Luke, smiling, “It’s okay Lukey, it’s not like he’s going to kidnap me.” Dash pulled again and this time Luke let go.
Dash grinned, “First of all. Lukey? That nickname will be revisited, a lot. Second of all, don’t be so sure, Kitten.”

Okay guys, want more? Please download Play Nice tomorrow!! And leave reviews and comments EVERYWHERE! Pretty much, pimp me out all day. 
Lots of love,



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