Sorry not sorry?

Part of this whole self promotion deal is doing author interviews and blog tours. Which I actually find to be a lot of fun. I enjoy answering questions about myself, about my work. I’m proud of me. I’m proud of the things I’ve accomplished. And I want that to show. I want my readers to know that what I say in these interviews, is really and truly me. That being said…I apologize? The question mark at the end of that statement is because I really can’t tell if I should be apologizing for being honest about myself and my experiences. 

This was a text conversation with one of my favs after I sent her a link to the interview I did for SSLY blog. SSLY is run by two of my fellow boroughs authors and they were nice enough to do a guest spot with me. I answered all their questions honestly and with a lot of laughter in my heart. The day after I sent it…I started wondering; what would my dad think? or my husband or my grandpa? Would they be disappointed in the anicdotes I shared? And that got me thinking even more; am I ashamed of my past? 

The answer is no. Now, let me explain. I was a sheltered kid growing up. I had a good childhood surrounded by people who loved me. And when I say surrounded by, I mean smothered. (I say that with so much love in my heart) So, when I went to college, I was like a caged bird that was finally free. I lived it up. I drank and danced and uh, “dated”. I spent more time floating 101 to Don’s than I did in class. Skipped out on work to party at the pool. And we pretty much lived at Rocky’s (it was a bar) from Thursday to early Sunday morning. The friends I made during that time of my life, are still some of my very best friends to this day. I had great times, and I had some really horrible times. There are certain experiences I had that…make me cringe when I look back on them. 

(My standards were actually pretty on point but you catch my drift) And I’m sure there are certain events that I really could have done without. But it’s hard to really regret anything. Because it’s all brought me here. And here is a spectacular place. Blessed is the broken road. I met a wonderful man, who I fell in love with almost instantly. I have an amazingly smart and beautiful little girl, who keeps me on my toes. I have the best friends a girl could ever ask for. And I’m a published author, which has always been a dream of mine. My super intelligent friend Raine is right. I have the life experience it takes to write about love and lust and the difference between the two. And I have my past to thank for that. 

In closing; I’m sorry if my candid honesty made you think any less of me. But I’m not sorry that I was open and honest about my life. Does that make sense? 

And for those of you who are curious about the “annicdote” here is the link to the SSLY interview. Like, 98% of it is G rated. 

SSLY author interview!
Thanks for reading!

Lots of love



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