I have readers

First off, I need to be better at doing these blog posts! It’s been a few weeks since Play Nice was released and I have been MIA on Word Press…sorry guys. 

Play Nice is doing sooooooo well! I can’t even believe the way it’s climbing the charts and how many people have emailed me or Facebook stalked me! Thank you, all, for the love and well wishes and good reviews. Thank you for buying my book. And THANK YOU extra to all the readers who have reached out to me. I absolutley love hearing from you guys. 

A few people have even asked for something signed by me?! I promise y’all, I’m working on figuring out a system to get these things to you. My friends and family have always enjoyed my books, but the response from the real world has been overwhelming!

I am going to get all this writer stuff figured out. And I’m taking you guys on the ride with me! No worries, it’ll be a good time. Every single one of you has made this experience amazing. And to think, you want more of The Devil’s Share?!? Thank you! I am working on Smith’s story as we speak.

Well, not as we speak…as we speak I’m at the end of our week long family vacation. Which is a good thing because my husband is driving me crazy. So, again, thank y’all for all the support!! You make me feel bad ass.



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