Real life for a sec

I have pretty much fallen in love with all my bad ass readers out there. Seriously, your emails and reviews and Facebook messages make my day! Every day. I’ve told you guys over and over that I WILL figure out this writer stuff. That I will keep writing and learning and that I’m taking all of you with me for the ride…And it was with that in mind that I wanted to share, WE’RE ADOPTING!! 

This is my perfect/insane daughter Stoli. I had some slight fertility issues but was able to conceive her. It wasn’t easy…and after awhile it wasn’t even much fun…But we MADE a baby! Well, now she’s three and my fertility issues seem to be beyond our medical means. My husband and I (mostly me because I’m a melodramatic and poetic writer) know that our family isn’t complete yet. We know someone is missing. 

We are beyond excited about starting this journey. We have started a fundraiser page at — I am not asking you guys for donations. Y’all support me enough by buying my books and keeping me feeling like a bad ass with your emails. But if you want to head over there we’ll be putting up some family pictures and sharing a little more as the journey continues. (Side note, if you’re hella rich feel free to donate) I’ll post the link at the bottom. I just started the site tonight and we are having family pictures taken this weekend so I haven’t posted a picture yet. 

Thanks for being the best readers/friends ever!



Operation Big Sister | Adoption – YouCaring


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