Apparently I’m a writer. 

I have always wanted to write, to be a writer. I wrote in journals and I fantasized about what it would be like to publish a novel. Now, in my head, I thought I would write the next “great American novel”. Something so profound and life changing, that the world would sit up and take notice. I tried over the years to come up with an idea for my prolific first manuscript and it never worked. I kept thinking, maybe when I’m older, maybe after more things have happened to me… Nope. 


I have always been an avid reader. I read, non stop. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve read the classics, and I’ve read mysteries and I even went through a huge horror stage. But in the end, I found, romance novels are my jam. I started reading them when I was in my early twenties, and I haven’t stopped. So when the idea for St. Leasing came to me, it was like a light bulb went off. Of course!! Why didn’t I think of this sooner? I’ll write a romance series. I’m a genius. So, I sat down and wrote it. And I was so pumped. Just to be writing made me giddy. Now, St. Leasing still belongs to me. It’s self published on kindle…but it’s not with a publisher. It’s my baby and I’m still working on the series. (Although, The Devil’s Share and this new book I’m working on with Borough’s are keeping me pretty busy) 

Fast forward a year and a half and I have one (maybe two) series going with a well known publisher. It’s pretty much my dreams coming true. Like right this second, with people I’ve never met in person reading this blog post…Dreams coming true. I think its time that I lead with the fact that I am a writer. I usually don’t tell people I write romance novels. And I’m beginning to wonder why. Because I do write them! Romance novels consume a lot of my time and engery. And I’m so damn proud of myself and what I’ve accomplished. 

Romance is the bomb. It really is. The writers in this genre are all so fun. And I’ve been overwhelmed by nothing but support from romance authors. I am doing my best to pass on the love, to help others just starting out. So. To my readers, THANK YOU. Thank you for reading what I write and for liking it. For wanting more. For wanting to know me. It’s so damn flattering. And to my fellow romance writers, thank you for the support and encouragement. For telling me to scream it from the roof tops…I’m learning. From this day forward, when people ask what I do, I’m going to say I’m a writer. It’s my dream, my reality, and I’m going to own it.

And this picture? Is because I love y’all. I write romance, you guys read it…we want to see hot guys 😉 

Love, LP


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