Girls night, party of one

My husband and I get plenty of date nights, my daughter has 9 grandparents and like…7 aunts and uncles. And my daughter and I get a lot mommy and me time. My husband owns his own company, so he works a lot more hours than I do. (If you hear him tell it. But between you guys and me? I have a full time day job, I write romance novels, and take care of everything house/kid related. Sooooooo….) What was my point again? Oh yeah, we have kid free time and we have kid quality time. But, it’s very rare that get alone time. Like just me at home, overnight, by myself. Which is what happened last night. My husband had my daughter camping with his family. I am going through this horrible anxiety period, where I don’t want my daughter away from me. I was a hot crying mess for maybe an hour, and then I dried my tears and decided to take full advantage. First order of business?

Wine. To be honest, didn’t love this particular brand. It didn’t taste all that amazing…but I still drank it. 

Then I got in a bubble bath and applied this face mask I bought at Target. It was a dollar or something. It kind of burned my face. But I had been in the sun and water for a few days so my skin might have just been sensitive. My dogs barked the whole time I was in the bath too…not as relaxing as I had hoped.

Tried this new hair product when I got out, towel dried my hair and yelled at my dogs. It’s supposed to have your hair air drying to perfection. Not so much. I mean my hair dried really smooth and frizz free…but kinda flat and lifeless too. I’m going to try it again and braid my hair to let it dry. I’ll let y’all know how it goes. 

I climbed in bed to watch Bachelor in Paradise, but started missing my baby again (daughter, not husband 😘) So I got up and had a little dance party. When I lived alone, I loved my underwear dance parties. This one was fun, but didn’t completely lift my spirits…

So I had another glass of wine. Did you watch Bachelor last night?! Joe is the worst. I’ve never wanted to punch a stranger so bad in my life! I even tweeted about it. I don’t usually tweet about tv…I was that mad. And that buzzed. I made a new Twitter friend in the process though! This guy called Joe a shit-bagel and I couldn’t stop giggling about it. 

Anyway, after that show I started channel flipping and found…..Friday Night Lights!!! Which means I found Riggins. Who was my very first unhealthy tv crush. 

Y’all needed a better visual. You’re welcome. At this point in the night I was getting sleepy. And my dogs were hogging my bed.

I ended up falling asleep with visuals of Riggins dancing in my head. Perfect way to drift off if you ask me. In the end, I had a lovely girls night all to myself. Except I over slept (thanks white wine) and was late to work. Oh! And I hurt my shoulder. I’ll tell you guys about that next time. We need to talk about a yoga challenge too. Get ready.

Love, LP


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