Wanna yoga?

Okay, so remember when I told you guys I wanted to talk to you about a yoga challenge? This is me, talking about it. I have picked up and put down yoga a dozen times over the years. To be honest I have no idea why I ever put it down because I know why I always pick it back up; I love it. I love everything about it. The stretching, the core building, the calmness. I am a huge believer in karma. 

A few years ago I got day drunk at Waterloo in south Austin and went and got a Sanskrit  tattoo.

It’s supposed to say control your karma. In reality it probably says this chick is gullible. That’s what happens when you drink too many pink vodka drinks in a town with tattoo parlors on every corner. Plus, I think I’d just read Eat Pray Love…Out of all my tats, this one hurt the most. While I was there I talked my friend into getting her nose pierced. She took it out a week later. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, yoga. I think yoga is amazing because it’s good for your body as well as your soul. I could use some mental health these days, and I could stand  to…uh…tighten my core. (Loose 10 pounds) Yoga calms me as well. (Which isn’t hard, I’m a pretty laid back gal) The deep even breathing, dedicating your practice to someone who needs some inner peace, the ebb and flow of the movements. 

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to do my own mini yoga challenge. And by challenge I mean try really hard to do some form of yoga once a day for the next 30 days. I did a work out pact with my friend Malia once and I think I lasted like 3 days. Sad, right? I should have kept at it because the next time I saw Malia I could have bounced a quarter off her ass. People always say to have a friend to hold you accountable. I say that’s bull. I know my friends will forgive me if I quit. Plus, my friends are flaky, just like me. Isn’t that right Kelly? Little miss, let’s read the same book and then talk about it. I won’t make that mistake a 4th time. But you guys? My lovely readers/online friends who I’ve never met in person…I won’t quit on you. Follow me on Twitter @LPMaxa and I’ll post yoga pics. I’d do it on Facebook, but I feel like people will get sick of seeing me. If you would like to accompany me on this spiritual (ass tightening, wait is ass tightening he right words? butt firming? Probably better) journey, post your pics too. Just tag me in them. Or whatever the Twitter version of “tagging” is. 

And because I write romance novels and you guys read them…

A little Adam Levine doing yoga. There are a bunch of dirty down dog puns I could make here, but…I won’t. 

PS- we start tomorrow

PPS- just sitting in a yoga pose and snapping a pic doesn’t count

Love, LP



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