The most wonderful time of the year

I love the month of October.

 It’s literally my favorite month out of the whole year. And not for the reasons you’re all thinking…I hate pumpkin spice.

It’s my favorite month because of FEAR FEST!!!! Fear fest on AMC makes me so damn happy. Like giddy. My child was conceived during Fear Fest 😉 I love scary movies, and the older the better. Like 60’s and 70’s? Prime time for some good cinema. Anything that takes place at a sleep away camp? Perfection. Movies that have 27 sequels? Even better. 


I used to just turn the TV on AMC and leave it there. I can’t now because my three year old would never stop having nightmares. So I record all the best  movies and make my husband stay up and watch them with me. He doesn’t love this activity, but he tolerates it. Now, here’s the catch; I get really creeped out. I have to sleep with the hall light on and I make him check under the bed. 

Bad acting and questionable special effects are my jam. But my imagination still goes a little crazy…I’ve made him come with me to pee a few times. I think the best part about the older horror flicks is that they aren’t gory. Like now a days, they just try to see how much blood and guts and gore they can fit into a movie. IE; Saw, House of a 1,000 Corpses IE; anything directed by Rob Zombie. But back then? It was the suspense, the chase, the story. 

Second best things about October? Decorations. Now, my love for skulls is apparent all year long…

But during the months of October and early November? It gets out of control. Plus, I have an orange couch so Halloween looks good in my living room. Third? I like wearing sweaters and leggings. I look much thinner when a thick knit is covering my ass. 

Much like this gentleman’s sweater 😉 Now, everyone go forth and turn on Fear Fest. Watch all the classics. Embrace the campiness (I’m thinking about trademarking that word) and turn your nose’s up at the obvious gore…and pumpkin spice 😉

Love, LP


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