How far gone

First things first, I have been slack-a-lackin’…and I apologize. I haven’t posted a blog in a really long time. Y’all know how it goes with the holidays and families and work.

It’s insanity. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and got to spend lots of time with all those crazy relatives. That being said, I missed you guys! 

Pretend I just gave everyone an “I miss you” hug. You guys have any New Years resolutions? I’m a big resolution flake, so I aimed low this year. I am going to make good choices when I order food. Like instead of the bread, I’ll get the lettuce wrap. Instead of the regular piezookie at BJ’s, I’ll go gluten free. Keep it attainable. 

I had an idea, y’all tell me what you think. I want to watch the Bachelor, b/c it’s fun and frivolous. And I was thinking maybe you guys can watch it with me? I’m not sure how that would work, we could live tweet it I guess. I’m on Twitter @LPMaxa if you want to join, I’ll start tonight. 

Ben is adorable and I love wine. Seems like a good time. ALSO, I have some exciting news! I finished Jacks’s book!!! Book 3 of the Devil’s Share series. It’s with my amaze balls editor Jenni over at Borough’s. So, hopefully, it’ll be out in a few months. Sorry I’ve been MIA here. 

Does this gorgeous man in a bubble bath make up for it? 

Love, LP


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