Here’s the thing about fairytales 

My Twitter bio says “I write fairytales. Only the stories are dirtier and the boys are hotter.” Today, while I was in the shower this Jason Mraz song came on and it was so sweet and moving and it made me start thinking about that. About love and fairytales and my job as a writer. I create fantasy. I create these sexy hot foul mouthed amazing men who can bang like it’s their job. They have tons of money and unlimited stamina and treat their chicks like they are the most precious thing in the world. We all know that’s not real life. That’s why we read romance novels. It’s an escape, it’s fun. Well, today I’m going to share my real life with y’all, my reality. 

Last night my husband and I had a kid free date night. We went to this amazing pizza place and drank a bunch of micro brewed beer (we were very hipster). While we were eating I brought up the subject of me traveling to signings with a male model. My husband didn’t even blink before he said, “You totally should, I bet that’s a huge crowd pleaser.” And I just sat back and thought, damn I love this man.  Then we got home and he told me “Grab your laptop, I’m going to try something new and you’ll want to take notes.” And I thought, holy balls he is the best! He is so supportive of me, of my passion. He’s so willing to help and encourage. That’s a fairytale. A man who loves you and accepts exactly who you are and what it takes to do what you love. 

A man who is a good father, a man that makes your children laugh.  Now, no one is perfect. He never does the dishes and he always sleeps through our kids sleepless nights. Oh! And he never answers his phone. But, I am so lucky, I really am, that this is my real life. 

Don’t get me wrong; I love reading romance novels. I love the fantasy. It’s my job, it’s my obsession. But I also want you guys to know that there are all kinds of “fairytales” out there. And I want you to find yours. I’m going to be honest with you; it’s probably not going to be a Charlie Hunnam look-a-like biker, or a tattooed world famous guitarist with perfect fingers, or a billionaire that wants to tie you up. Find someone that loves you, exactly the way you are. Find someone who wants your heart and your mind as well as your body. Find someone who you can trust, who you can depend on. Fairytales aren’t a sprint. It’s called happily ever after, which in my mind means a real long ass time. Lust ebbs and flows. You think Dash and Lexi are still banging non stop once that baby comes? Nah. They’re both exhausted and arguing over whose turn it is to get up. 


 Keep reading. Always have your escape, always have fun with your fantasies. I do. All the time. But don’t forget what’s real, and what matters. And to my husband, thank you for letting me be me, and for letting me play with male models. 

I won’t give up on you

That’s the video link. Listen to it. 

Love, LP



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