Balancing Act

I saw this on Instagram the other day, and I loved it. It’s a funny little quote, but it really got me thinking about the balance in my life. There are days when I am on point, I get things done and I am the best version of me. And others? I binge watch Teenwolf on Netflix (don’t laugh, I kind of have a crush on Styles). Terrible TV show choices aside, at the ripe old age of 31, I’ve achieved balance. 


I feel like I spent my twenties trying to get to a place of symetry within myself and my life. And it was just because I didn’t really know who I was. Or better yet, who I wanted to be. I wanted to be a wife and a mom, I wanted to be wild and free, I wanted to be covered in tattoos, I wanted to be perfectly put together, I wanted to be super healthy and in shape, I wanted to be a yoga instructor…the list goes on and on. But that’s your twenties, right? Trying to figure out your life and who you want to be by making huge mistakes and spending a lot of time hung over at brunch. 

I’ve realized that I don’t have to choose between all these different parts of myself.  It’s all part of me, it’s just me. I have tattoos, and kids, and I do yoga, and I still get wild with my friends and I try to make good choices about the food I put in my body. By simply letting go of who I thought I wanted to be, by just being me with no expectations, I balanced myself. So, I urge you all to think about yourselves today, think about the balance in your life. The ratio of lazy/motivated and mom/tattooed wild child that it takes to make you happy. And strive for it. 
As always, I leave you with this adorable man. Enjoy. 

Love, LP



One thought on “Balancing Act

  1. Love this post! My husband and I were just talking about the flip-flop. Some days we’ll do great and we work out, eat right, etc, and other times we totally let it slide and end up getting takeout. I’ve reached the point of accepting it for the balance that it is–as long as we continue to try, it’s all good. : )


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