Here’s the truth

Last week was my wedding anniversary so I talked about marriage and making it work. I figured this week, we could kind of stay on that subject a bit. I’m getting older {not old} so my single friends are few and far between. But I do have a couple. And when I went to dinner with one of my favs the other night she asked me the age old question; how did you know Thomas {my husband} was the one? 

I have always been {and will always be} honest with you guys. This blog is real life. My honest answer to her was, he didn’t try to sleep with me. Not joking. I know it may seem so odd or crass even. But it’s the truth and I can explain. I met my husband at a wedding. The drinks were flowing, the dance floor was packed. I thought he was so cute, and I adored his glasses…recipe for a post wedding hook up, right? Wrong. 

I was a {small} bit of a hot mess when I met my husband. I was partying all night, working all day. Thursday through Sunday I was in the sun, sippin’ something strong. My friends and I danced all night, non stop. We were young and wild and crazy. I loved every second of it. But, I tended to attract a certain type of guy. And that type of guy? Only wanted one thing when the night was over. 

After the wedding where I met Thomas, we went to another party. We stayed up until it was almost dawn. But then he made a pallet on the floor and laid down. He held his arm out and snuggled me up to his chest. He kissed my forehead and he told me good night. I can remember falling asleep feeling almost in shock. He was unlike anyone I’d ever met. He was happy to just be next to me. He wanted to watch movies and hold hands and run errands. He wanted a life with me. Not my body. And I instantly loved him for it. 

I went on to tell my friend to look for the guy that’s unlike anyone else. The guy that’s genuine. The guy that treats her like she matters. With respect and compassion. That guy? That’s the guy you marry. I’m not saying my husband was a saint, because he sure as hell wasn’t. But when we met, when it was right, everything was different. For both of us. It was like everything fell into place, it clicked. And for me at least, it all comes back to that very first night together. The night he just wanted to hold me while I slept. He just wanted to be near me. 

Seven years later? Still in love, still sure I made the right choice. And he’s still content {most days} to simply hold my hand. 


2 thoughts on “Here’s the truth

  1. Not sure. He’s a softie when it comes to animals, I got him into some of my paranormal romance series (he got an Acheron tattoo), and he took the challenge and we’d write each other letters and then traded writing in a journal.

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